Deborah Estrada Sorenson

If molding clay is "playing in the dirt" then my child expresses herself through the evolution of the media to its final state. My thoughts and feelings surface while forming shapes through degrees of hardness, adding color with slips, stains and glazes and vitrifying clay through various firing techniques.

Preliminary sketches form core shapes followed by detailed designs captured during working moments. The incising and coloring are completed in an intuitive manner.

Women play a central theme in my work and my life. Influenced by an entrepreneurial Grandmother, a determined Mother and six very independent Sisters, my sculptures possess a sense of female shape with a turn or twist to convey adventure, strength and confidence. I want each piece to reveal a power that radiates from within.

My mother made our dresses with great care and detail. I apply layers of clay as a seamstress applies lace, fringe and embroidery. I want the sculptures to have different angles with elements of surprise to be gradually appreciated. My art has evolved with me and represents growth with no bounds or end.

In one of our final visits, my Grandmother said to me, "Accuredate a tu Aburelita", Remember your Grandmother. With my hands at play, her request echoes in my work.